Funding from the Academy of Finland


The Academy of Finland has appropriated grants for the researchers of the University of Turku and appointed academy researcher fellows and postdoctoral researchers. The Academy of Finland finances high-quality scientific research and works to contribute to the renewal, diversification and increasing internationalisation of Finnish research. Its operation covers the full spectrum of scientific disciplines.

​High-quality scientific research in the University of Turku

Faculty of Humanities succeeded well in the share-out of the project funding. The Academy of Finland granted the faculty altogether over 2.5 million euro. Projects lead by Päivi Lappalainen and Hannu Salmi received the biggest grants of the faculty. Both projects were granted 600 000 euro.
The biggest project funding of the University of Turku, about 790 000 euro, was received by Professor Edwin Kukk from the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The goal of the project is to increase the atom level understanding about the processes that radiation causes in living tissues. Pekka Laukkanen and Eino Valtonen from the same faculty also received substantial funding.

Four Academy Research Fellows and 13 Postdoctoral Researchers

The Academy of Finland has also nominated four new academy researcher fellows and 13 postdoctoral researchers to the University of Turku.
Academy Research Fellow is a fixed-term researcher position funded by the Academy of Finland. The post is intended mainly for independent scientific work. The job of the postdoctoral researcher is meant for the most promising, recently graduated doctors so that they can start to build a career as an independent researcher.
Created 05.12.2012 | Updated 14.09.2018