Guest Lecture – Péter Mezei: Digital Exhaustion and Beyond


Dr. Péter Mezei, Associate Professor, University of Szeged and Adjunct Professor of University of Turku, held a guest lecture 15 November 2017 at the Faculty of Law commemorating his 20th teaching visit to the University of Turku. Nearly 30 colleagues and students gathered to listen the lecture.


​Dr. Mezei is an expert in copyright law. During his presentation, he presented some of the findings from his upcoming book “Copyright Exhaustion: Law and Policy in the United States and the European Union.” Among his finding, Dr. Mezei advocates for more flexibility in interpreting the concept of “copies” within the digital interface. At the faculty, we look forward to reading his book and wish for the successful collaboration between the University of Szeged and the University of Turku to continue prospering.

We are proud to welcome Dr. Mezei as a recurrent lecturer in our Master´s Degree Programme Law and Information Society. His lectures have been inspiring and instrumental to our students learning process, by exposing them to different methodologies and ways of passing on knowledge.

Created 16.11.2017 | Updated 10.06.2019