Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference (HTHIC2017) at the University Consortium of Pori 27.–29.9.2017


The Heritage Tourism and Hospitality (HTHIC) conference invites participants to explore aspects of preservation, (re-) presentation, promotion and profit (also in the sense of value creation and benefit) relevant to the leading question “How can tourism destinations succeed in attracting tourists while simultaneously engaging all stakeholders in contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage?”

Following the success of the conferences in Istanbul and Amsterdam, the 3rd HTHIC invites researchers, professionals and policy makers in heritage- and/or tourism related fields to explore aspects of preservation, presentation, promotion and profit (value/benefits). The special theme this year, ”Narratives for a World in Transition”, will pay attention to storytelling and narrative techniques as a branding, marketing, stakeholder and visitor engagement, sustainable management and innovation strategy and tool. Organizers: Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku and Elgin & Co. in collaboration with Finnish and international partners. For more information about the HTHIC2017 program and conference fees, see www.heritagetourismhospitality.org.

HTHIC2017 is also part of the SuomiFinland100 program. At the web page of the conference you will find more information about the (free of charge) SuomiFinland100 program https://heritagetourismhospitality.org/suomifinland100-2/  and the registration options to the (free of charge) SuomiFinland 100 keynotes https://heritagetourismhospitality.org/register/.

During the conference two expert lectures are organized in the University Consortium of Pori (Pohjoisranta 11 A), Auditorium 1st floor.

Thursday 28th September, from 9:15 to 10:15 A.M.  professor Markku Wilenius (Futures studies at the University of Turku Business School) will address the future challenges and possibilities regarding cities and their development with the topic "Revitalization of the cities in the future" - what kind of manuscript written for a city will draw admiring visitors from all over the world. 

Friday 29th September, from 11:00  to 11:50 A.M. professor Anna Sivula from the University of Turku (Cultural Heritage Studies) will give a lecture on cultural heritage focusing on narratives (stories) in cultural heritage communities. The cultural heritage is constantly under construction and industrial heritage is a creation of 20th  century. What happens, when a factory transforms to cultural heritage, and what will be the emergent heritages of the 21st  century? The Cotton mill of Pori is used as an example of emergent industrial heritage.

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More information about the conference fees and registration here: https://heritagetourismhospitality.org/register/

More information:
Arja Lemmetyinen, D.Sc., University researcher
tel. +358 50 520 0770
Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Pori Unit
Pohjoisranta 11 A, 28100 Pori, Finland

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