IB research: International money laundering and developments to mitigate the problem create a ‘cat and mouse game’ generating new policies over time


International money laundering presents a wicked problem with a global dimension. Specifically, there exists a moral dilemma related to unethical business practices which may be interpreted as legal when judging by the letter of the law but unacceptable when interpreted through the lenses of local informal institutions. Through a single case study authors illustrate how the wicked problem of international money laundering can be mitigated. The authors present a new construct of emerging international compliance to explain how individual actions evolve into practices that create informal institutions, which are contextually embedded in the respective cultural frameworks of specific space, time and industry contexts and reciprocally interact with formal institutions and the voids they create. Link to full article Emilia Isolauri, Peter Zettinig & Niina Nummela, Emerging international compliance - Policy implications of a money laundering case on the journal website: https://doi.org/10.1057/s42214-021-00127-4

Created 20.12.2021 | Updated 20.12.2021