IB-researcher publishes a study on organizational identity (dis)continuity during strategic change


How do organizational members perceive identity (dis)continuity during strategic change programmes?

This is the question explored in the recent online first, open access article ”Hooked on a feeling? An interpretive study of organizational identity (dis)continuity during strategic change programmes” (International Journal of Project management, in press). In this article, postdoctoral researcher Riikka Harikkala-Laihinen from the international business faculty studies the employee perceptions of a Finnish family business sold to a corporate investor during a strategic change programme triggered by the deal.

Identity continuity can be signposted through creating explicit links between the old and the new organization, but the identity transition of a single member may be more difficult, if their emotional bond to the old organization is strong. Thus, it is likely that during strategic change programmes three groups emerge; 1) those, who no longer recognize the organizational identity, 2) those, who see some signs of continuity but do not yet identify with the new organization fully, and 3) those, who are able to see organizational identity continuity, through which identification with the new organization is easier. This study introduces the organizational identity perspective to research on strategic change programmes as a way to understand the previously underexplored individual level, as well as a means to clearly link the permanent organization to a strategic change programme.

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Hooked on a feeling?

Created 24.03.2022 | Updated 24.03.2022