Interesting and Highly Topical Public Lectures during this Spring Term


The Faculty of Law has hosted several international fellows during this Spring Term 2018. Many of them have provided interesting public lectures during their visits. Visiting fellows have been active in teaching our Masters students as well.

​In January, Professor Enrico Albanesi from the University of Genoa, Italy, gave the lecture "Still a consensus democracy? The Italian constitutional system as viewed through the lens of its emergency decrees". The public lecture was part of Professor Albanesi’s Erasmus+ -exchange programme. His special interests are in constitutional law and legislative drafting.

Professor John Cross, the University of Louisville, USA, who is one of the Faculty’s doctors honoris causa and frequent visitors, visited the Faculty in March. He provided the guest lecture about “The Relevance of Competition in Trade Secret Law”. In his research professor Cross focuses intellectual property law, both domestic and international, and the law governing court systems.

In April, Senior Lecturer, Adjunct Professor Henrik Wenander of the University of Lund, Sweden, gave a guest lecture about "The Constitutional Role of Administrative Authorities in Sweden and Finland: The Impact of EU Law". The lecture provided a constitutional comparative view on the developments of the constitutional and administrative law in Sweden and Finland in the era of Europeanisation. Professor Wenander is an expert of administrative law, especially its interplay with constitutional law and its international dimension, including the law of European Union.

“Crime, Criminal Justice and Penal Populism in New Zealand” was the topic of public lecture given by visiting researcher Dr. Alice Mills from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her current research examines the role of third sector organisations or non-governmental organisations in criminal justice in New Zealand. 

In addition, the Faculty hosted Associate Professor Laura McNeal of the University of Louisville, USA, and Assistant Professor Salvatore. F. Nicolosi, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Created 08.06.2018 | Updated 08.06.2018