Internal Market, Citizenship, and Courts


The University of Turku Faculty of Law, together with the Academy of Finland funded research project Constitutional Hedges of Intellectual Property, organized a workshop exploring the law of the EU’s internal market, Union citizenship, and the role played by European and national courts in their development on 23 August 2019.

Internal Market, Citizenship, and Courts


Jukka Snell

The event began with a presentation by Professor Gareth Davies of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, who explored the unintended consequences of the internal market and asked whether citizenship can act as a force for disintegration. This was followed by a paper of Dr Klaus Tuori, who examined the interplay between courts in the light of the idea of interpretative pluralism, focussing on how they have drawn the lines of exclusive competence in case law such as the rulings in Weiss.

Jussi Jaakkola analysed the different paradigms of European economic integration, stressing the key distinction between spontaneous and regulated integration. Professor Jukka Snell continued on this theme, concentrating on the various possible readings of the seminal Cassis de Dijon ruling and their role in an economic union. Mirka Kuisma returned the discussion to the issue of Union citizenship, analysing the Dano quintet as an example of doctrinal change in ECJ jurisprudence.

The workshop was concluded by a paper of Professor Harri Kalimo of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, who examined the role played by internal market law in the development of renewable energy policies in the EU.

The workshop was chaired by Professor Tuomas Mylly.

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