International Business researcher Kaartemo publishes three new articles


Postdoctoral Researcher Valtteri Kaarteno from the International Business faculty has recently published three articles relating to his ongoing Academy of Finland funded research project.

Special issue on the international business of renewable energy

Postdoctoral researcher Valtteri Kaartemo co-edited a special issue on international business and renewable energy with Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez for Critical Perspectives on International Business. In the lead article, they review literature on this theme and call for research particularly on the global production and adoption of renewables. They also start the discussion on the dark side of international renewable energy.

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Supporting value creation with artificial intelligence

As a part of his Academy of Finland project, postdoctoral researcher Valtteri Kaartemo has explored how artificial intelligence and other smart technologies influence decision-making. With his Italian colleagues, he describes in a journal article how smart technology can push people towards hoped-for solutions without the need for incentives or the restricted options. The study describes three different ways in which technology can push people towards value creation.

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Public actors shape markets

An international study shows that public actors shape markets through the same mechanisms if they drive for change or if they try to maintain the status quo. In Finland, the focus was on the gambling industry, which has been influenced heavily by several ministries over the years. In making the different influence channels visible, the study opens up a toolbox for both public actors and companies in need of their support.

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Created 23.10.2020 | Updated 23.10.2020