Library and departmental acquisitions on a break at the end of the year – place your acquisition request by November 15th!


Turku University Library is in the process of adopting a new library system at the end of 2019. Due to database migration, library acquisition activities will be halted at the end of the year. The break also applies to departmental/unit acquisition requests.

Prepare for the break by submitting any library and departmental acquisition requests to the library by November 15th

Acquisition requests for the remainder of 2019 should be placed by November 15th in order for the library to process them before system migration. The break in acquisitions will end when the new system is in use. However, temporary delays in processing requests may occur even after the break.

What is the new library system?

Preparations for the library system migration do not affect active loans nor regular library customer service. However, please note that all libraries including Feeniks will be closed during the end-of-year holiday period. 

The new library system will introduce a new user interface for the Volter database. The library will provide regular updates on the new features and changes that will take place during and after system migration. The updates will be posted on the university intranet as well as the library’s web pages and social media feeds. 

Place a library acquisition request 
Place a department/unit acquisition request 

For more information, please contact:

Heli Kokkinen - inquiries on the new library system / +358 29 450 2354

Tiina Eklund - inquiries on library acquisitions / +358 29 450 2149


Created 17.09.2019 | Updated 21.11.2019