Library’s Agreement with Taylor & Francis Promotes Visibility of Research Conducted in University of Turku


Starting the year 2020 University of Turku has taken part in the agreement negotiated by the national library consortium FinELib with the publisher Taylor & Francis. The three-year-agreement enables open publishing without extra charge in vast majority of the journals published by Taylor & Francis.

On account of the agreement, already nearly 150 articles authored by University of Turku researchers have been published open access. The costs of article processing charges for these articles, without the agreement with list prices, would have risen up to approximately 400 000 euros.

During the agreement period, the open access articles published have covered various disciplines extensively. Education and medicine are largely represented. However, many of the articles also deal with media studies, politics, history and sociology.

Open publishing increases the use of the articles

Open access articles authored by University of Turku researchers have been downloaded immensely, nearly 250 000 times! The article with most downloads, c. 16 000 times, is “Heidegger’s critique of the technology and the educational ecological imperative” published in the journal Educational Philosophy and Theory 5th April 2021. The largest number of downloads comes from United States (green areas on the picture). Apart from this and apart from the downloads in Finland the amount of downloads is notable in, for example, Great Britain, Philippines, China, Canada and Australia (yellow and orange areas). There are also smaller numbers of downloads in several other countries (red areas). 98 of the articles have been mentioned 844 times in social media, mostly in Twitter. In addition they have been mentioned in news, blogs and Wikipedia. 40 % of the articles have received at least one citation. The most cited article so far, 20 citations, is “IL-6 and other biomarkers as predictors of severity in COVID-19” published in the journal Annals of Medicine 4th March 2021. 


There is a limit in the number of open access articles that can be published free of charge during the agreement period 2020-22 and, unfortunately, they will most likely run out sometime in early autumn. The negotiations between FinELib and the publisher for a new agreement will start towards the end of the year.


Created 27.06.2022 | Updated 27.06.2022