The Development of Virtual Reality Mathematics Learning Environment discussed at MATHESIS Project Partner Meeting


On the 16th and 17th of June 2022, the third transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ Project MATHESIS (Attracting Students’ Interest in Mathematics and Improving Their Skills, Comprehension and Performance with The Use of a Virtual Reality Educational Platform) took place. Representatives of partner organisations from Greece, Romania, Italy, Finland and Czech Republic, participated in the meeting.

The meeting was kicked off by project manager Mr Sorin Ionitescu who provided background information about the project’s current status. Following the introductory talk, the representatives from Politehnica University of Bucharest presented in greater detail the key elements of the roadmap which has guided the instructional decisions that have been made in the context of the project. The proposed instructional models and techniques can be adopted by educators in lower and upper secondary education to improve their practices for mathematics education.

The partners from Italy’s Institute for Teaching Technologies – Research National Council presented an extensive breakdown of the curriculum followed by a detailed description of the design of the Virtual Learning courses. The presentations were concluded with a demonstration provided by the representatives from the University of Turku, Finland on the functionality of the Virtual Reality educational games as well as the research directions that will be followed for the needs of the project.

MATHESIS project partner meeting

The unfortunate situation that the COVID-19 pandemic has created makes the need to identify and propose innovative instructional solutions more pressing than ever. The actions related to the MATHESIS project can greatly influence educators’ approaches to online learning and further pave the way for the introduction of more inclusive methods even when the students are present at the physical classroom context.

The MATHESIS project aims to develop the teaching of mathematics with various engaging and entertaining learning activities offered in the 3D Virtual Worlds to make learning more effective.

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Created 27.06.2022 | Updated 27.06.2022