Most master’s theses will now be published online – Theses with restricted access can be read on UTUPub terminals at the Turku University Library


Since August 1st 2018 new master’s theses of the University of Turku have been published only in electronic form on the University of Turku Publication Archive. Most of the theses are available in full text and can be read anywhere through the Internet. The author of the thesis has, however, the right to restrict the access to the full text. All theses have public metadata, i.e. name of the author, title of the thesis and the abstract are publicly available. Theses with restricted access can be read fully only on the UTUPub terminals at the library.

​UTUPub  publication archive

Most of the master’s theses have open full text and they can be read at The theses can also be found through the library database Volter (
There is also a ReseachGuide page on theses at

UTUPub terminals at the Turku University Library

The author of the master’s thesis has the right to restrict the openness of the full text of the thesis. For those theses only the metadata (author and title of thesis) and abstract are open for all.  Full text of the restricted theses can be read at certain UTUPub workstations at the Turku University Library. On those UTUPub workstations it is possible to read and print out the thesis. However, it is not possible/allowed to copy the text or download the file.
UTUPUb-workstations are located at the following places:
  • Feeniks Library, 2nd floor
  • Teutori Library, group study room Valvomo
  • Turku School of Economics Library, reading room gallery
  • Quantum Library
  • Educarium Library, 1st floor
  • Teacher Education Library in Rauma
  • Library services of cultural production and landscape studies in Pori
For more information on UTUPub archive, please contact:
More information about publishing the master’s thesis at the University of Turku (UTUGradu-system): and
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