Teksti: Business Disruption

New director for the disruption lab


Laboratory of Business Disruption Research (disruption lab) that is one of three CCR research groups has been led by D.Sc. research director Taina Eriksson since the beginning of 2022.

Eriksson worked earlier at CCR in another research group.

- Heading the disruption lab is an exciting opportunity to apply and deepen everything I’ve learned about collaborative research and to test new forms of collaboration with various stakeholders, says Eriksson.

Disruption lab researches change in businesses and industries when its beyond normal and creates knowledge of the drivers and characteristics of disruptions. The lab collaborates actively with various stakeholders, especially companies and participatory research methods are part of the lab dna.

- As part of the lab’s research program I emphasize scrutinizing systemic change on multiple levels of analysis. In addition to examining companies and their networks, we also study the role of individuals in relation to disruptions. Strategic management and innovation management are central themes on our research agenda.

Disruption lab was established in 2018 as a collaborative effort by Turku School of Economics and seven leading companies from different fields. The goal was to add to our understanding of the drivers of disruptive innovations, anticipating disruptions and the effects of disruptions on companies, industries and the society in general.

CCR wishes to thank the former director of the lab Thomas Westerholm for his significant effort in initiating and developing the lab.

Created 26.01.2022 | Updated 01.03.2022