New Division of Vehicle Inspection Markets


​A study conducted by the Centre for Collaborative Research (CCR) of Turku School of Economics suggests that new vehicle inspection stations run by entrepreneurs or small chains have won almost one quarter of the respective market. During the last four years, nearly 90 new inspection stations have been established in Finland; 60 of them set up by entrepreneurs or small chains.

Agile small chains are the freshest phenomenon in the sector, using new operating models and aggressive price competition to actively challenge old service providers. According to the researchers, this has forced old inspection providers to react by setting up new stations and renewing their price list.

As new operators have sprung up, the selection of municipal vehicle inspection stations has grown. This, in turn, has reduced concentration of business within the sector.

– The concentration of vehicle inspection operations in Finland no longer differs from that of grocery shops or the retail sale of gas. Changes in the competition are already reflected in the prices of light equipment, the researchers say.

Together with the vehicle inspection companies funding the research, the researchers have collected the most comprehensive statistical data to date. This data will be put to good use, by means of econometric methods and geospatial data software.

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Created 18.12.2012 | Updated 18.12.2012