New image, clear contents – Library’s new web site is published


The purpose of the new pages is to be light, explicit and as easy to use as possible. At the same time the guides on the LibGuides platform will also revive and clear up.

Customer needs are the starting point

The starting point of the new web pages is to present the library services as clearly as possible but at the same time to pay attention to the needs of the different target groups such as students, teachers, researchers and other customers.

"Primarily the customer needs have been in the center of the planning of the library’s new web pages. We have gathered the user experiences of the library’s web pages, studied the usage statistics of the pages and contemplated how we could best bring out the important matters immediately on the front page" the team responsible for making the new pages reports.

The aim has been to group and name the services on the new front page of the library so that it will be easy for the customer to find the searched information or the subject of interest.

The new website of the library has simplified illustration so that it would be easy to glance and to browse the pages also by using mobile devices. At the same time, the library follows the common visual image and graphic instructions of the university.

Library resources and guides of the library out on the Libguides publication platform

Reform of the web pages also wanted to clarify and freshen the Libguides publication platform in ( containing several guides which make it easier to use the services and the resources. The guides built around the subjects or the disciplines serve the students, teachers and researchers of each discipline.

The wide guide supply was opened and more visibly grouped to the web pages so that the versatile resources and materials would get the best possible visibility also on the web pages.

In the reform, a clearer and simpler guide-term replaced the name ReseachGuides which was experienced difficult.

Please, tell us - what works well and what could we improve?

The library workers hope that the users of the library will say their opinion of the functioning and the usability of the new pages.

You can give feedback at the customer service, in education or by sending e-mail to the address We develop our pages on the basis of the feedback we receive.​

Created 04.06.2019 | Updated 04.06.2019