New information resources


Several necessary and interesting e-resources were once again added to the library collections during the year 2018.


​Get acquainted with the new library’s e-resources

Underneath you will find information on some of the key acquisitions of resources made by the library last year. Part of the resources have at first been on trial and the feedback received from the customers has affected the purchase decisions. The resources were acquired both as an annual subscription and into perpetual use. There is access to each one of them through the Volter library database.

New annual subscriptions

Virtual journal shelf where you can browse our journals according to the subject or you can search
for them either by subject or by journal title.
Educator's Reference Complete
More than 1 100 journals and 200 reports on the different fields of pedagogics and education from nursery school to university. 
MLA Fulltext
International database on current languages and literature. Previously there has been access to the corresponding reference database MLA International Bibliography but now you can read full texts, too.
Comprehensive MOT Service
- 57 dictionaries and their maintenance
- MOT Proofing, English
- MOT Translation, 13 language pairs
- MOT Books, 5 volumes
- MOT Mobile Online
- MOT TERMS. By using the TermLink service you can bring your own lexicons to the MOT Online dictionary service next to the commercial lexicons.
- MOT Reference selection of information resources: for example IATE, the term database of the European Union which contains terminology, abbreviations and phrases concerning EU in many fields with the 24 official languages of the EU.
Oxford Research Encyclopedias of
•  Climate Science
•  Communication
•  Environmental Science
•  International Studies
ProQuest Central – journals and databases on various disciplines
•  Business/Economics package
•  Health Sciences package
•  Science and Technology package
•  Social Sciences package
•  ProQuest Newspapers package
Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism
The largest and the most comprehensive information source for the researchers of modernism.

Resources acquired for perpetual use

Especially several e-book collections and e-reference works on various disciplines were acquired for perpetual use, among others the following:
  • Bloomsbury Education Collections and Brill Educational Research E-Books. Nearly 250 e-books from the years 2013, 2015 and 2018 on education.
  • Cambridge Handbooks of Bilingualism, Spanish linguistics, Cognitive linguistics, Areal linguistics, Linguistic typology and Communication disorders for the research and study of languages.
  • Ebsco e-book collections Accounting & Finance, Business, Economics and Leadership and Management as well as Emerald’s Business, Management & Economics eBooks Collection (approximately 140 e-books), all books from the year 2018 for the use of business and economics studies and research.
  • Elsevier e-book packages Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Biomedical Science and Medicine and Chemical Engineering from the year 2018 (nearly 200 e-books) and IET Digital Library E-books (nearly 200 e-books) for science and technique. Also several Springer’s e-book packages were acquired for example on chemistry, physics and astronomy.
  • Springer Medicine Collection 2018 and Elsevier Specialty Medicine 2018 e-book packages were bought for the needs of medicine.
Journal archives on different disciplines were bought, e.g. from Sage and Wiley-Blackwell. For the purposes of contemporary history studies and research was bought the Digital National Security Archive which contains published documents from the time subsequent to the year 1945 of the national safety archives of the United States and also the Documents on British Policy Overseas, the documents of the United Kingdom government which are connected to the international relations and to the diplomacy of Britain from the time period 1898-1990.
Screen Studies: Bloomsbury and Faber Screenplays and Criticism was acquired to promote the study and research of culture and arts. Also for perpetual use was bought an earlier annual subscription The Times Digital Archive since the year 1785. The license to use the archives increases every year so that the access will always be backwards for five years from the present year, in other words this year the journals can be read until the year 2013. For text and data mining of Times Digital Archive and other Gale resources, ECCO and NCCO, was purchased the tool Gale Digital Scholar Lab.
Created 07.02.2019 | Updated 20.06.2019