New K-Lounge at the Turku School of Economics Library - the latest addition to the many study areas on campus


The 24/7 study area at the Turku School of Economics Library was renovated into a spacious and bright K-Lounge this autumn. Furnished in collaboration with the K-Group, the space offers a variety of work options. Desk sets of various sizes, sofas, rocking chairs and standing tables.

27/4 study areas around the campus

There are study areas available around the clock at the Calonia, Educarium, School of Economics and Quantum Libraries.

The 24/7 facilities are available to all customers during library opening hours but only for the University of Turku students and staff during after hours. If you want to use the 24/7 facilities when the library is closed, you will need an electronic tag or a student card with a chip. When a student's attendance is registered, the access rights are also activated.

There are study areas in the new part of Teutori which are available to the University of Turku students around the clock. These facilities are not in the library, the access is through the black front door of the new part of Teutori.

At the Teacher Education Library in Rauma, the staff and students of the unit have access to the library premises with a separate access card when the customer service is closed on Mon-Fri 8-10 am and on Mon-Thu 4-9 pm.

Study rooms to book for group work and meetings

There are bookable study rooms available at the Calonia, Educarium,Teutori and Feenix Libraries. Room reservations are made via the utu email calendar, and reservation instructions can be found on the library's webpages. To enhance the use of the study rooms, the maximum booking time is limited to two hours per day, per customer.

Use of the colour-coded library premises

The library premises are tagged with different colour-codes in order to clarify the area's purpose of use:

  • In green zones, conversation and the use of laptops and mobile phones is allowed.
  • In yellow zones, quiet conversation and laptop use is allowed, while mobile phone use is not allowed.
  • In orange zones, conversation and mobile phone use is not allowed, while laptop use is allowed.
  • Red zones are meant for work requiring complete silence, and neither laptops nor mobile devices can be used.

Please take other people into consideration when working and studying at the library premises and cancel unnecessary bookings and reservations. While the library takes security very seriously into account, everyone is nonetheless responsible for their own laptops, bags and other belongings.

Library premises
Booking instructions for Library facilities and devices


Created 17.10.2019 | Updated 18.10.2019