New Library System Introduced at the End of the Year – Stay Updated on Upcoming Changes and Improvements!


Turku University Library is migrating to a new library system during the end of the year 2019-2020. The current system Voyager has been in use for nearly 20 years, and will be replaced by the new Alma library service platform. The new library system facilitates easier access to electronic resources. The change also enables the library to provide new and improved services and internal processes. 

The change is part of a larger national cooperation between Finnish higher education institution libraries, all of which will cease to use Voyager during 2020.

Some aspects of the change will also be visible to our patrons:

Changes to the Volter user interface

  •  A new user interface for the Volter database will be introduced. The new user interface enables searching both items at the library and electronic journal articles in a single search.
  • Signing in to Volter will be streamlined. Users will be able to sign in with their UTU login and password. Linking the library card to the account separately is no longer required. Library cards will still be used at the library’s self-checkout machines.
  • The PIN code for self-checkout machines will change. Starting in early 2020, Users can generate a new PIN code via self-service in the new Volter.
  • User favorites lists and saved searches in the current Volter will not get migrated to the new system. Instructions on how to export your own records from Volter will be updated to the library’s web pages soon.. 

Temporary changes to library services

Direct links to Volter and e-books 

  • Links to Volter will cease to function when the new system is in use. If you have saved direct links to Volter (eg. in Moodle), update the URLs of your links after the system migration.
  • Direct links to e-books will continue to function as is even after the new system is in use. 

Stay updated on the changes

Any news, knowledge articles, and updates concerning the library system change will be posted to the library’s web pages.

In addition to the web pages, more details on various aspects of the migration will be posted regularly on the university intranet and the library’s social media feeds.

For more information, please contact: 
Project manager Heli Kokkinen
+358 29 450 2354


Created 02.10.2019 | Updated 27.11.2019