New Students Begin Studies on Campus in August, Otherwise Autumn Semester Starts Mainly with Remote Studying and Teaching


At the University of Turku, teaching is mainly organised remotely during the first period of the academic year 2020–2021. An exception are the first-year degree students whose orientation into the University community are organised on the Turku, Pori and Rauma campuses while also taking health and safety into account.

The University of Turku has initiated the reopening process of different activities according to its exit plan. It was already decided earlier that teaching and studying continue remotely until the end of July.

The University's Rector Jukka Kola has decided on 28 May 2020 that remote teaching and studying continue also during the first period of the autumn term at the University of Turku. The first period ends on 25 October.

A clear exception are the new degree and exchange students whose orientation will be organised on campus. However, students arriving from abroad have to observe quarantine-like arrangements for 14 days after entering the country.

– Integrating the new students into our community is an extremely important mission and we want to welcome them to the University in person and on campus. Of course, health and safety always come first in this matter as well and no mass lectures will be organised for the first-year students either, even as part of the orientation, says Piia Björn, the Vice Rector responsible for education.

Only laboratory/small group teaching and field courses that are not possible to teach at distance can be organized already during the first period for all students. Despite the exceptional circumstances, student life should not be neglected and different kinds of events can be organised at least outdoors.

Exam rooms are kept open and hopefully their use can be increased in the autumn. Lecture hall exams and corresponding examinations can be organised if the teaching has been carried out as contact teaching.

The practical preparations for the teaching and student services in the autumn will continue in a close collaboration between the University management, faculties, and support services, and the community will be informed about new developments regularly.

– The University of Turku follows the authorities' instructions and the coronavirus situation very closely. In order to give a framework for the practical preparations, we have to make the large decisions regarding the autumn semester now, but naturally we will adjust our operations in a short period of time if the coronavirus situation requires it, highlights Vice Rector Björn.

Updated on 3 June to clarify sentence on contact teaching.

Created 01.06.2020 | Updated 03.09.2020