Open Access Guide for Health Sciences Was Created as a Health Campus Turku Collaboration


The Health Campus Turku Libraries have put together an Open Access guide for health sciences, which is freely available to all campus citizens of the Health Campus, from teachers and researchers to students.

It is important that information about the guide is shared as widely as possible in the everyday life and work of the campus citizens, and that the guide is actively used as a tool for work and study. The guide offers a wide collection of Open Access sources for health sciences that are available to everyone online. There is information on health sciences and technology, as well as links to open access materials, for example books, articles, and reports. The guide also describes what Open Access is and introduces important information retrieval tips.

The idea for the Open Access guide sprang up in conversations of the Health Campus Turku's education working group, when they were thinking of concrete ways of collaboration with the campus member organisations that would genuinely benefit the everyday lives of the campus citizens.

One of the aims of the Health Campus Turku cooperation is to find ways to pool resources and share information among the organisations for everyone to use. The Open Access Guide is a great example of the collaboration and the benefits that we can reach through cooperation within the Health Campus. Compiling the guide was a substantial process, but cooperation in it was also motivating and inspiring for the project member’s day-to-day work.

The guide was built onto the Turku University Library’s Libguides platform and the same team of people will update it on a yearly basis:

The guide is also available at the Health Campus Turku’s website.

More information:
Taina Nordgren
Health Campus Turku
+358 40 355 0421

Created 03.11.2021 | Updated 03.11.2021