Part of the Volter links will change at the turn of the year


At the beginning of 2020,Turku University Library will replace its library system to a new one. Part of the links which lead to the library resources will be affected by the change.

Part of the links to Volter database (i. a. text books) will cease working at the end of the year. You will recognize those links by the beginning e.g. ttps://

You can fix links right away

You can fix links to e-books and other e-resources by copying another link than You will find those links either under the title of the e-book or other e-resource or in the result list at "Available online".

Other links will be working

Links with the beginning which lead to the university repository continue to work as will the other open access links, too.

Please, do not hesitate to ask for more information at

Created 11.11.2019 | Updated 21.11.2019