PEI one of the partners in Baltic Sea clean shipping Project Platform CSHIPP


Clean Shipping Project Platform, CSHIPP, brings together projects and organisations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region.

CSHIPP kick-off

The kick-off meeting of Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP) was organised at Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in Turku, Finland on the 11th and 12th of December 2018. The meeting, hosted by the lead partner Centre for Maritime Studies (University of Turku), provided an opportunity for the platform partners to get to know each other and familiarise themselves with the work done in participating projects. It was also a forum for CSHIPP partners to discuss and plan the activities and expected outcome of the platform.

The activities of CSHIPP revolve around two key themes: the environmental effects of shipping and the business potential of clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region. The collaboration of several partners and projects on a shared platform is expected to increase the impact of and connect the dots between individual projects working for clean shipping. Main objectives include increasing the uptake of scientific information into policymaking, and enhancing co-operation of businesses and the maritime industry with research and academia.

As the projects and partners involved in the platform look at the shared topic of clean shipping from many different angles, the kick-off meeting enabled the partners to share their information about their expertise and experiences which will be utilised in CSHIPP. When planning the platform activities, it became clear that input from all the partners is indeed essential to achieve the objectives of the platform. The partners also discussed various issues related to the implementation of CSHIPP, such as management, finances and reporting, communication and dissemination of results, the upcoming platform events and the potential ways to reach target groups.

All in all, the kick-off event facilitated fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas between CSHIPP partners. The next steps of the platform are already in the works and the partners are looking forward to successful collaboration.

Projects involved in CSHIPP: BalticLines, BSR Electric, ECOPRODIGI, EnviSuM, GoLNG, SHEBA, Smartup Accelerator

CSHIPP partners:
University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies of Brahea Centre, Finland (lead partner)

Aalborg University, Denmark
ATI Küste GmbH - Association for Technology and Innovation, Germany
Centrum Balticum Foundation, Finland
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
HELCOM, Finland
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research, Germany
Maritime Development Center, Denmark
Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland
Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway
Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sweden
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
The St. Petersburg House Property Owners Association, Russia
University of Turku, the Pan-European Institute, Finland

In addition, 13 associated organisations including EUSBSR Policy Areas ‘Ship’, and ‘Transport’.

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