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Pop up Vaccinations for Students Continued


The City of Turku continues to organise pop up coronavirus vaccinations for students at the Kirkkotie health station. In future, students can also get the second vaccination dose from the pop up events if a minimum of six weeks has passed from the first dose. The next vaccinations are held on Friday, 17 September, Thursday, 23 September, and on Friday, 1 October at 8.45am–3.15pm at the Kirkkotie health station (address Kirkkotie 13).

At the pop up event, citizens of Turku and students living in Turku can get a coronavirus vaccination. International students are also warmly welcome to the pop up vaccination. Each vaccination is a new step towards a society free of coronavirus restrictions and safe return to the campus.

Both first and second doses of the coronavirus vaccination are administered at the events. It is important to note with the second vaccination dose that a minimum of six weeks must have passed from the first dose. In addition, it is instructed that, after receiving the vaccination, extreme exercise and strain should be avoided for 2–3 days.  
At the moment, a third vaccination dose is not administered in Finland. Therefore, you cannot receive a third vaccination dose at the pop up events.

Bring Your ID and Possible Vaccination Certificate

People getting their vaccination should take an ID with them as it makes the process easier at the pop up event. If you have received your first vaccination dose at a vaccination that was not organised by the City of Turku, be prepared to show a vaccination certificate.

It is important that the coronavirus safety instructions are followed at the pop up vaccinations. Come to the event only with no symptoms of coronavirus. Use a face mask and observe good hand hygiene as well as safe distances. If you have been placed under quarantine due to exposure to the coronavirus or after arriving to the country from abroad, please do not participate in the pop up event. Getting vaccinated is not a justification for breaking a quarantine order.

The next pop up coronavirus vaccinations organised at the Kirkkotie health station are held on Friday, 17 September, Thursday, 23 September, and on Friday, 1 October. In addition to the Kirkkotie health station, pop up vaccinations for first and second doses are organised at other places, such as at the vaccination centre at Satakunnantie 105. Students can also go to these pop up events.  

More information on the pop up vaccinations organised by the City of Turku and closer instructions for participants are available at: https://www.turku.fi/en/pop-up-vaccinations

General information on the vaccinations organised by the City of Turku is available at: https://www.turku.fi/en/coronavirusvaccinations

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Created 13.09.2021 | Updated 13.09.2021