Problems in using e-resources, how is the library going to solve them?


When I click a link, some password is required or loads of errors jump out. Or I am not allowed to use the resource at all. Does it sound familiar?

Where are the e-resources?

You can find all e-resources of the library via the Volter Database. It is possible to use those even if the library is closed. A helping hand is the library’s guides in which the e- resources are classified according to the subjects of the university. You need to log in to the Volter Database to use these materials if you are outside the university network. 

There are different kinds of e-resources…

Customers’ problems with the e-resources are solved also during the summer. You can use library’s e-materials whenever and wherever you like to if you have UTU user ID.

There can be various different reasons for problems with the use of e-materials. Sometimes those problems can be easily solved but occasionally the library must contact a publisher to sort out the problems.  In some cases, problems are solved out just by using another browser!

If you cannot access the library’s e-resources

Remember that you can get help if you are having trouble with the e-resources. Just contact us at

Created 17.06.2019 | Updated 17.06.2019