Professor Albrecht Becker from University of Innsbruck visiting the department of Accounting and Finance 17-28 February 2020


Professor Albrecht Becker (University of Innsbruck, also formally our Visiting Professor) will visit the Department of Accounting & Finance during 17-28 February 2020. He will particularly collaborate with Prof. Kari Lukka in their two on-going joint research projects. Prof. Becker will, among other things, also present at the JSIAR seminar on Thursday, 20 February 2020, at 12:15 in room TSE Säätiö on his paper (jointly with Patrick Neff and Silvia Jordan) titled “From local concerns to national solutions: The emergence of a national healthcare quality assessment system in Austria”. If needed, more information can be received from Prof. Kari Lukka.

Created 11.02.2020 | Updated 11.02.2020