Red Light Stage for Coronavirus Continues in Turku while Rauma and Pori Transfer to Yellow Stage


The traffic light model for the coronavirus situation defines the level of safety measures at the University of Turku. At the moment, the University’s campus in Turku is on the red light stage of the model and the Rauma and Pori campuses are on the yellow light stage.

The coronavirus management team of the University of Turku has decided that the coronavirus situation in Satakunta enables the transfer from the red light stage to the yellow light stage on the University’s Rauma and Pori campuses. The yellow light stage on Pori and Rauma campuses comes into force immediately.

The red light stage is still in force on the Turku campus as Southwest Finland is still in the community transmission phase. The traffic light stage corresponding to the regional epidemic situation is in force at the research stations and branch offices.

Both on red and yellow light stages, personnel works mainly remotely in those work tasks where it is possible. The maximum number of participants in small group contact teaching is 20 people on the yellow light stage and 10 people on the red light stage.

The maximum number of people in individual indoor spaces and events organised indoors is 20 people on the yellow light stage and 10 people on the red light stage. In events organised outdoors, the maximum number of participants is determined according to the authorities’ restrictions. Safety measures have to be observed. Face masks are always used in the University’s facilities, unless the person is alone in the space. Face masks are also used when working in the facilities independently, for example, in the group works spaces or lobbies.

The coronavirus management team of the University of Turku also decided on the international student exchanges in the autumn. The University of Turku organises student exchanges in accordance with the authorities’ restrictions, restrictions on the entry to the country, and the policies of partner universities. In the autumn, the University will not organise student exchanges lasting under two months.

An exit plan for the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus is currently being prepared at the University. It will outline, for example, the remote work policy for autumn. The exit plan will be discussed in the coronavirus management team and the University community will be informed about its contents at the beginning of June.

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Created 18.05.2021 | Updated 04.06.2021