Researcher, Are You Interested in Patent Information Search Basics?


Did you know that a large amount of technical information on inventions is never disclosed in scientific literature, but is only available in patent publications? As a researcher in a technology and innovation-oriented field you can benefit in many ways from keeping track of the patents and patenting activity in your field.

Welcome to learn the basics of patent database use and retrieval of patent publications in a training session!

The Library’s information specialist will introduce you to reading patent publications and searching for them in open patent databases Espacenet and Patentscope that contain reference and full-texts of millions of pending and granted patents in the world’s patent registries encompassing all technology fields.

You will be introduced to search strategies for different purposes, the patent classification system that makes search easier, and learn why you should never Google your eventual invention idea while searching for prior art. 

The training will take place in Teutori, IT class TEU 103 (Sammio), Lemminkäisenkatu 3, 1st floor on Thursday, 24 October, 2019 at 12.5-13.45.

The main benefit is for researchers wishing to delv into the patenting activity within their field of specialization, but the training is also open for all interested at the University. The language is Finnish. Register in staff traingin system Konsta (only utu users) by Monday, 22 October. 

For more information and requests in individual patent search guidance in English, please contact Information Specialist Anna Salmi,, +358 50 353 4930.


Created 07.10.2019 | Updated 07.10.2019