Researcher, now is the time to check your publication information of the beginning of the year 2019!


You can check your publication list in your personal profile on the UTU WWW site, in the UTUCRIS publication portal, or the Researcher’sCV – My Publications report. In the latter, you can also view publications under validation of the Library.

If your 2019 publication – a scientific article, a monograph or other – has already been published and is still not visible in your publication listing, please send the information straight to the Library via e-form. At the same time, the accepted manuscript of your article will be openly self-archived in UTUCRIS. The Library will validate the information and check the publisher’s permission for self-archiving, i.e. green open access publishing, of your manuscript. After this, the information will move on to the University’s data warehouse and to the national VIRTA publication service where you can retrieve it to use in e.g. an Academy of Finland funding proposal. Read more about using the VIRTA service in the Academy’s application instructions.

In all questions concerning the reporting of your publications and using the Current Research Information System UTUCRIS, please contact

Read more about the Library services on the Academy of Finland funding round and data management.

Find out more about new national incentives for green open access and self-archiving in the University’s Just ODD It! blog.  

Created 08.08.2019 | Updated 13.08.2019