Save Your Information from the Current Volter 19.12.2019 at the latest!


At the beginning of 2020,Turku University Library will replace its library system to a new one. Your checked-out items, reservations and fees will be moved to the new system automatically, but the information you have saved in the current Volter, like favourites or saved searches, will not. So, please, save your information 19.12.2019 at the latest.

The easiest way to save your favourites and lists, is to send them to yourself by email. You can send your favourites to your email by choosing (max 100 at a time):

  • all the favourites at the same time
  • favourites one list at a time
  • favourites one by one

You can save the saved searches e.g. by copying them to a Word-file. With the information you save now, you can then create new search sets in the new Volter. Notice, however, that not all the search functions will probably be the same in the new Volter. The alert schedule will also have to be done anew.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us, if you have any questions:


Created 14.10.2019 | Updated 17.12.2019