SciFinder - Web Database Will Be Disabled by the End of 2021 - Users Are Encouraged to Switch to SciFinder-n


The old SciFinder-web version (SciFinder Scholar Chemical Abstracts) will be disabled by the end of 2021. It will be replaced by the new SciFinder-n, which is already in use.

Renewed SciFinder-n

The Scifinder-n has been updated to include Biosequences with 500+ million sequences, as well as new Bioscape and Chemscape tools for analyzing patent landscapes of sequences and structural search results. Improvements have also been made to reference and compound searches in the Advanced Search section and to retrosynthesis analysis in the ChemPlanner section. The credentials will remain the same for the users of old SciFinder-web. New users must register at University of Turku network and use their email address. The SciFinder-n database works remotely via Volter, but also without a Horizon connection until 31.1.2022.

Register in SciFinder-n.

Please find some training sessions of SciFinder-n, for example on profile migration and alerts:

  • Keep me Posted Alerts from old SF-web to new SF-n version 
    Please check this 5 min video to show how to migrate KMP profiles to SF-n and how to optimize those Alerts once you have done this. New SciFinder-n Alerts includes Boolean operations, Filters, Truncation and allow also profiles with Reactions and Markush structures.
  • CAS SciFinder-n Training 
    These short on-demand training materials are organized by search type, including Getting started, searching Substances, Reactions, References, Patents and Biosequences.

SciFinder-n in Volter.


Created 23.09.2021 | Updated 23.09.2021