Special Conference Edition of the Finland Futures Research Centre’s Newsletter Futuuri


The 22nd Futures Conference focused on the wide variety of ways people imagine futures and wellbeing in our societies. We invited participants to think of the current changes and challenges in the world in a planetary scale. ‘Planetary Futures of Health and Wellbeing’ conference was organised during 15–17 June 2022 in Turku, Finland and online as a hybrid event.

Together with 305 participants from 27 different countries we succeeded to generate multidisciplinary and insightful discussions that promoted co-creating and networking between people from different backgrounds.

In this special issue of the Finland Futures Research Centre's newsletter Futuuri you can read about the keynote speeches given during the event and the workshops organised, among other current issues.

Futuuri 3/2022 including e.g.:

  • How can nature support and enhance human health and wellbeing?; Keynote speech by Research Professor Liisa Tyrväinen 
  • Bridget McKenzie introducing the new, possitopian futures; Keynote speech by Researcher and Creative Curator Bridget McKenzie
  • Healthy lifestyles to boost sustainable growth; Keynote speech by Professor Petri Tapio and Professor Tommi Vasankari
  • Creating healthy, livable, and sustainable cities: a global priority for planetary and human health; Keynote speech by Professor Billie Giles-Corti
  • Learning from the pandemic; Keynote speech by Dr. John Grove
  • Special workshop: Mental time travel to the active mall of the future – Experiences from the STYLE Workshop
  • Special workshop: Governance to boost crisis preparedness – what policy actions are needed for resilient cities and human-friendly AI? 
  • Finland Futures Academy's summer school 2022: Data & futures studies 
  • Futures Conference 2021 peer-reviewed papers are published
  • FFRC staff's latest publications
  • Welcome to Futures Conference 2023: Empowering Futures, 14−16 June 2023 • Turku, Finland •  Online, https://futuresconference2023.com  

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