Still Time to Register to "One of the Best Courses I Have Ever Taken"


Now especially you, a doctoral candidate, have a great opportunity to take part in our course, which has received excellent feedback in previous years.

On our online course you will learn e.g.

  • how to manage references
  • what to consider when making a data management plan
  • how to find impact factors of different journals
  • how to search for articles and databases of your subject

Taking the course is flexible: it is fully online and there are no face-to-face lectures or other sessions with set times. Only the assignments, which will open about once a week, will have to be returned by a set deadline. The course will be in English. The assignments are practical and can be applied straight away to your doctoral studies.

We have gotten glowing feedback from the course: in autumn 2020, the course got an average grade of 4,3 out of 5. One earlier participant described the course as follows:

"In my experience, this course is one of the best course I have ever taken in university of Turku. There are lots of information in the university library pages, but rarely did I have time to come and check the information. Through this course, I was able to go through all the resources and information systematically, and found out treasures, which would be beneficial in my research career"

Registration to the course is open until 1.2.2021 – so sign up now!

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Registration in NettiOpsu

For more information, please contact chief information specialist Leena Järveläinen:


Created 20.01.2021 | Updated 20.01.2021