New Sustainability-Themed Seminar Series Starts 5 October


The six strategic research and education profiles of the University of Turku together with the Steering Group for Sustainable Development are hosting a new "Thematics Talk Together - Sustainability" -seminar series. The series addresses topical and interesting questions related to sustainability and sustainable development.

Thematics Talk Together - Sustainability

Each strategic profile will host one seminar during the academic year, approaching the theme from their point of view. The closing seminar of the series is hosted by the Steering Group for Sustainable Development.

The University of Turku emphasizes sustainable development as a cross-cutting theme in all its activities and it is one of the most central themes of the university strategy 2030. 

Sustainability is an important theme for all the six strategic research and education profiles and the work conducted within the collaborations advances sustainable development.

First Sustainability-seminar 5 October

The first event of the Thematics Talk Together -seminar series will be organized on Wednesday 5 October at 2.15 pm (Main building, Säästöpankki -lecture hall). The first seminar is hosted by Biodiversity and sustainability -strategic profile.

The theme of the first seminari will be Complex biodiversity and sustainability. 

Professor Ilari Sääksjärvi will open the seminar. The speakers and their topics are: 

  • Environmental crisis cannot be solved without humanities research, Adjunct Professor Otto Latva (Cultural Production and Landscape Studies)
  • Mapping diverse values of nature, Associate Professor Nora Fagerholm (Geography)
  • How to promote public awareness of biodiversity?, Project Researcher Henna Rouhiainen (Biodiversity Unit of the University of Turku)
  • Economic geography and sustainability, Postdoctoral Researcher Ayu Pratiwi (Economic Geography)
  • Moderator of the seminar: adjunct professor Juulia Räikkönen (Biodiversity Unit of the University of Turku)

>> website for the event 5 October
>> registration for the event 5 October

Coming up in 2022-2023

The seminars will be organized on Wednesdays at 14.15–16.00 at the Säästöpankki -lecture hall, Main building (University of Turku).

  • 5.10.2022 Biodiversity and Sustainability
  • 9.11.2022 Sea and Maritime Studies
  • 7.12.2022 Future Technologies and Digital World
  • 8.2.2023 Health, Diagnostics and Drug Development
  • 8.3.2023 Cultural Memory and Social Change
  • 5.4.2023 Children, Young People and Learning
  • 3.5.2023 Closing seminar, Steering Group for Sustainable Development

After the programme there will be time for networking and coffee at the lobby area.

More detailed programme for each seminar will be published closer to each event. The seminar language is English and the seminars are open to anyone interested! Registration is required (coffee will be served).


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