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Teaching in Spring Semester Starts as Planned


In the spring semester, the University of Turku aims to provide as much contact teaching as possible. The coronavirus situation requires that the instructions on safety measures are followed in all activities. The University implements a restriction on the maximum number of participants or the COVID-19 certificate in public events. 

At the University of Turku, teaching in the spring semester 2022 starts in January according to the planned syllabi. The faculties offer all students as much contact teaching as possible. Also, international student and staff exchange is possible in the spring semester in accordance with the instructions of the University, the Institute for Health and Welfare THL, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as those of the destination countries and institutions.

– Continuity in contact teaching is very important for students, the University and, more extensively, the entire society. Meetings on campus are an integral part of the University studies and are also significant for well-being. Safety is, of course, a priority in education as well, and observing the University’s safety measures in all activities is very important, says Rector Jukka Kola

Unnecessary close contacts must be avoided in the University’s facilities. If close contacts cannot be avoided, masks are used. The University also recommends that everyone takes the coronavirus vaccinations.

Restriction on Number of Participants or COVID-19 Certificate Implemented in Public Events

The coronavirus management team decided that public events can be organised at the University according to the authorities’ restrictions. 

The regional restriction on the number of participants is implemented in public events or alternatively the COVID-19 certificate is requested from everyone over 16 who are not a member of the University community. The certificate cannot be required from the University’s personnel or students. The COVID-19 certificate is required, for example, in dissertation defences organised in the University’s facilities. 

The University's internal instructions on safety measures are observed in all events. 

University’s internal events, official events or events organised for a limited group of partners or stakeholders are not considered as public events, unless by nature they fulfil the authorities’ interpretation of a public event.

At the moment, the green light stage of the traffic light model is in force on all the University’s campuses. The traffic light model for the coronavirus situation defines the level of safety measures at the University of Turku.

> University’s instructions on the coronavirus situation
> University’s Traffic Light Model for Coronavirus Situation

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Created 15.12.2021 | Updated 22.12.2021