Third Phase of Strategic Planning Process of University of Turku Has Started


The strategic planning process of the University of Turku 2021–2030 has now reached the third phase in which the University community is requested to give suggestions for concrete actions under the strategic goals.

The third phase of the strategic planning process was opened in a common strategic planning workshop. The workshop was opened by Rector Jukka Kola, who presented the draft on the University's strategic goals as a basis for the workshop discussion. He encouraged the community to actively give suggestions for actions as well as to talk about the strategy in work communities.

– Now, it's time to look for the concrete actions for reaching the strategic goals. Suggestions for actions have been given already at the earlier phases of the strategic planning process, which is a good thing: the community has already addressed concrete actions needed for realising the strategic goals.

Rector Kola also presented the schedule of the strategic planning process. The third Viima survey directed at the University community is open 9–23 October. After that, the updated draft of the strategy is opened in the intranet for the University community to comment on. In addition, the views of the stakeholders on the draft of the strategy are heard during autumn. The aim is that the University Board of the University of Turku approves the strategy and its policy programmes during this year.

Created 11.10.2019 | Updated 11.10.2019