Trade Policy and Doing Business in Wider Europe - new courses for 2020-2022


The Pan-European Institute offers two new courses for academic years 2020-2022 at Turku School of Economics.

The two new courses are a Bachelor's level course KV27 Doing Business in Wider Europe and a Master's level course KVS16 Trade Policy and International Business (taught only in Finnish). In addition to the two new courses a popular course among students, KV23/TM33 Doing Business in the Baltic Sea Region, will remain in the course offering.

The aim of the new courses, Doing Business in Wider Europe and Trade Policy and International Business, is to respond to the changes, which are currelty occurring in the international business environment. Both of the courses are built around visitor lectures, which are held by experts from the business community and the state administration.

The course Trade Policy and International Business has its roots in a project "Trade policy experts and know-how to Finland - KAPPAS", funded by The Union of Industries and Employers Foundation (Teollisuuden ja Työnantajain Keskusliiton -säätiö, TT). In addition to lectures, the course includes a simulation exercise in which students have an opportunity to practise the skills required in trade policy negotiations.

A Bachelor's level course KV22 The Russian Market Economy and Master's level courses KVS14/TMS36 Investment Opportunities in Eastern Europe and KVS10/TMS32 The Development of the EU-Russia Economic Relations are organized for the last time during academic year 2019-2020.

Created 03.06.2020 | Updated 03.06.2020