Turku School of Economics’ Alumni Committee Appointed for 2019


The Alumni Committee plans and coordinates the alumni activities of the School. It also participates actively in developing the alumni relations. 

The members of the Alumni Committee are all alumni of Turku School of Economics. Stakeholder groups close to the School have also been taken into consideration in assembling the Committee. Dean, Professor Markus Granlund is the chair of the Committee and Coordinator Terhikki Saari is the secretary. 

Alumni Committee from 2 Jan to 31 Dec 2019 

Markus Granlund, Chair, class 1986
Dean, Professor, Turku School of Economics, University of Turku

Sanna Halttunen-Välimaa, class 2012
Business Director, Panic Marketing Oy

Jussi Heikkonen, class 2008
Key Account Manager, Lyyti Oy 

Susanna Juusti, class 1985
VP, Customer experience, ID BBN Turku

Hannele Järvenpää, class 1986
Development Director, TSE exe, University of Turku 

Tero Kuusisto, class 2002
IT Manager, Sallila Energia Oy

Ville Niukko, class 1997
Business Director, Kuntamaisema Oy

Kiia Rouhelo, class 2016
Vice Chair, The Association of the Economic Students in Turku (TuKY)

Terhikki Saari, secretary
Coordinator in Alumni relations, University of Turku

Sofia Utriainen, class 2016
The Association of the Economic Students in Turku (TuKY)

Tomi Virtanen, class 2003
Founder, CEO, Doerz Co Oy

Pirjo Vuokko, class 1974
Private Consultant and Trainer, Management Expert

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