University of Turku receives HR Excellence in Research logo for the next three years


The European Commission has granted the right to use the HR Excellence in Research logo to the University of Turku for the next three years. The logo is a token of the University's commitment to the continuous development of the position and working conditions of researchers.  

The right to use the logo is assessed every three years for those higher education institutions and research organisations that have joined the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) project of the European Commission. The University of Turku was awarded the HR Excellence in Research logo for the first time in 2013.

The extension of the quality label was granted on the basis of an action plan for 2023–2026 to improve the status of researchers. According to the Commission, the University of Turku is strongly committed to developing the position and working conditions of the researchers in accordance with the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers. According to the evaluation, the University's strengths include ethics, equality, diversity, accessibility, and misconduct management as well as the University's Scholars at Risk (SAR) work. The University was also praised for its continuous development of recruitment practices, support for leadership and supervisors, enabling remote work, and balancing family life and work.

“It is great to receive good feedback on the matters we have invested in, in line with our strategy. The University of Turku will continue to develop the position of researchers and we aim to make the University a more attractive place for researchers,” says HR Director Sanna-Mari Tammilaakso

Created 30.05.2024 | Updated 30.05.2024