Shift 2019

University Takes Technology and AI Research to SHIFT Business Festival


The University of Turku participates in the SHIFT Business Festival on 29–30 August with two themes: using technology in the sustainable development of the maritime and food industries and the interaction between humans and machines. The theme of SHIFT 2019 is Shapeshifting intelligence, which looks beyond the hype for a more holistic view of intelligent business.

At the University’s stand the participants can learn more about research and solutions that advance the use of technology especially in the sustainable development of the maritime and food industries.

– At the University’s stand, you can learn more about the research-based solutions developed in collaboration between businesses and the University and which benefit businesses tremendously. Furthermore, experts in business collaboration are present so you are warmly welcome to discuss different forms of collaboration with us as well as what we could do together, encourages University's Collaboration Manager Mikko Pohjola.

Researchers from the Department of Future Technologies discuss responsibility in maritime industry in the light of the results of the Sustainability and Transparency in Shipbuilding Networks (SUSTIS) project. The project looked into different kinds of methods to communicate sustainability in maritime travel to consumers and improve the transparency of the environmental impact of shipbuilding. At the stand, you have a chance to try the ResponSea game developed for communicating sustainability in maritime industry.

In addition, the Department of Future Technologies presents their research in autonomous systems. Autonomous systems will be a significant business in the future and at the SHIFT the participants have a chance to learn more about the related technology from the researchers. The Turku Intelligent Embedded and Robotic Systems (TIERS) research group develops technology to improve the situational awareness of autonomous systems in cars, drones and ships, for example. A system based on affordable sensors which is currently under development is presented at SHIFT.

A novel food experience centre Flavoria presents how food and consumer research can be conducted in a genuine restaurant and café environment with a virtual tour. Flavoria studies the factors that influence people’s food-related experiences, measures food choices and amount of food waste, observes consumers eating habits, tests products, packages and concepts, and studies multisensory experiences in the Aistikattila lab. Flavoria offers researchers and business developers a place where they can study and test consumers’ genuine experiences. They will also distribute samples of the cauliflower ice cream developed in the FoodiEx project according to the principles of sustainable development.

The School of History, Culture and Arts Studies presents their project on the interaction between humans and machines from the point of view of human voice and speech from the 1960s onwards studied with scientific and artistic methods. The goal is to produce new information on interaction and communications and increase our knowledge of the sound environment. At SHIFT, the project researchers wish to meet entrepreneurs and visionaries who are interested in artificial intelligence and interaction between humans and machines as well as in questions brought up by the fast development in speech recognition and synthesis and their use in social media. You can also meet talking machines at SHIFT – both early models and modern ones.

Furthermore, the University of Turku has invited two experts to discuss their interesting background in science and business at SHIFT. Associate Professor Joanna Brynson from the University of Both is a versatile researcher who studies topics such as AI and ethics in robotics.  CEO of Sahara Venture Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike is an innovator whose goal is to solve the greatest challenges in Africa by using technology, among other things.

Created 29.08.2019 | Updated 29.08.2019