University Teacher in English Language, permanent position starting 1 August 2013


The Faculty of Law, University of Turku invites applications for the position of University Teacher in English Language. The employment will be permanent. The position will be filled starting from August 1, 2013.

​Appointment Specification


Vacant position and its location

The Faculty of Law is a modern research and educational community. Under the roof of Calonia takes place a well-knit academic community in which the interaction between students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff is easy and uncomplicated. The production of the new research information and the training of the new experts are core tasks of the faculty.
The Faculty budget includes salaries for 75 people. This includes roughly 55 people in the research and teaching staff and roughly 20 people in other positions. In the Faculty, there are three own teachers of languages, one teacher of the Swedish, one teacher of the German and one teacher of the English language. In addition, some English, Swedish and French language teaching has been allocated from the Language Centre to the Faculty. Each year, 130-165 students majoring in Law begin their studies at the Faculty. There are 1300 students altogether studying in the faculty.
The Faculty of Law is not divided into departments or subjects. In-stead, the research and teaching carried out at the Faculty cover all branches of law extensively.
In accordance with the university research career model, the position of the University Teacher in English Language is a second stage career position with an emphasis on teaching. The duties of University Teacher include giving basic and postgraduate level teaching in English language, developing teaching together with other staff as well promoting the integration of English language teaching into the subjects taught at the faculty. The language teaching at the faculty is improved by integrating more systematically the contents of basic legal studies and elements of legal culture into the teaching, as well as developing shared study modules together with substance subjects as far as possible. The linguistic supervision of theses will become more effective and the role of languages as the organizer of method studies will be strengthened.
The contents of the position are being developed to match better the strategic framework of the faculty. A University Teacher is required to e.g. participate in supportive tasks in basic and postgraduate studies and to support the research at the faculty (e.g. language revision services). A University Teacher is expected to face the challenge of internationalization. Furthermore, the position includes other duties related to teaching and research, as well as university administration.
The salary is in accordance with the University salary system for teaching and research personnel, levels 5-6, where the position-specific salary component is 2 820,64 - 3 293,22  euros per month. In addition, there is a component based on personal performance, which is at most 46,3 % of the position-specific salary. The salary for this particular post is determined when drawing up the employment contract.
The position has a trial period of four months.

Formal qualifications 

A person selected for the post of university teacher is required to have an appropriate higher university degree, extremely good oral and written skill of the English language and good teaching skills.
Familiarity with the field of Law, knowledge of English legal terms and experience in teaching English language at university level are regarded as noteworthy merits. Having knowledge about domestic and foreign legal cultures is also an advantage in the application process. We are looking for a person with experience in teaching in a variety of learning environments, both classroom and virtual. They should feel at home with the use of educational technology and be able to use it in the classroom.
When assessing the merits of the applicants, extensive comptence in the field in question, teacher training, ability to produce study materials and ability to provide multifaceted teaching as well as a trial lecture will be taken into account.
Provisions concerning the proficiency in the Finnish and Swedish languages shall be enacted by Government Decree (15.10.2009/770). University teaching and research personnel should be proficient in the language, Finnish or Swedish, in which the teaching is given. More detailed provisions shall be given in the University of Turku Rules of Procedure.

Application procedure

A position announcement will be published. The period during which applications may be submitted is 30 days.
Applications must be submitted in writing. Applications must be addressed to the Faculty of Law and delivered to the address Caloniankuja 3, 20500 TURKU, Finland, or by e-mail to, not later than 15.45 on the closing day for applications. (For the closing day, please see the official announcement for this position.)
The free-form application must include:
1) a curriculum vitae in accordance with Faculty practice
3) a written statement of not more than two typed pages, setting out the applicant’s vision for how English language should be taught, how its teaching could be developed and how the teaching could be integrated into the fields of law and legal culture at the faculty
4) other documents which may affect the decision.  
Applicants are required to state how they may be contacted during the selection process, and to declare the address to which written communications should be sent.

Demonstration lecture 

The Faculty makes arrangements to allow the applicant to give a teaching demonstration. The demonstration lecture is open to the public, and it will be reviewed. The teaching skills evaluation committee will assist in the evaluation by giving a written statement about the teaching merits of the applicants who give a teaching demonstration.


The top candidates will be interviewed.

Additional information 

Further information concerning the appointment procedure may be obtained from the Head of Administration at the Faculty of Law, Mia Fager, phone +358 2 333 5500 and email mia.fager(at)
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