University’s Coronavirus Restrictions Will Be Eased in October


The coronavirus management team of the University of Turku has decided that if the epidemic allows it, the coronavirus restrictions will be eased by the second period of the autumn semester. The aim is to return to everyday campus life, increasing close contacts as safely as possible. The second period starts on 25 October 2021.

Rector Jukka Kola highlights that at the beginning of the new academic year, it is important that the University community can once again build sense of community and everyday campus life after the long period of exceptional circumstances.

– The aim is to open up following the rest of society and have a controlled return to a situation that broadly allows physical presence on the campuses for both the staff and the students, says Kola.

The doors to the campus buildings of the University of Turku have been locked for a long time. The doors will now be open on weekdays from 7.45am to 5pm, and this change will take place immediately. In terms of buildings shared with other higher education institutions, the opening of the doors will be decided on separately as soon as possible.

The new guidelines for multi-locational work will be confirmed and shared to the University community in early October. The guidelines will come into force from the beginning of the second period, 25 October 2021 onwards, if the epidemic allows it. The recommendation for remote work remains in force until the end of the first period.
The aim is that from the beginning of the second period, 25 October 2021 onwards, the restriction of a maximum number of 50 people in individual indoor spaces can also be lifted.

> University’s instructions on the coronavirus situation

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Created 09.09.2021 | Updated 01.10.2021