University’s Facilities Will Be Closed


The University of Turku restricts access to its facilities according to the policies of the Regional State Administrative Agency AVI and Universities Finland UNIFI.

Starting from Friday, 20 March at 6 AM, the University’s facilities are closed until 13 April 2020. Also the exam rooms are closed.

Teaching and research activities will be carried out with remote connections. Only employees whose work tasks have been defined as necessary in order to ensure the critical level of operations at the University can access the buildings with their key tags. Information about the necessary employees has been collected from faculties, independent units, and University Central Services. The employees who retain their access rights will be informed by email.

The buildings are accessed through the main entrance. The users of the buildings have to be prepared to prove their identity and tell the reason for their visit when asked by the security or facility services personnel.

Those working in the University’s facilities take cautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Security in the facilities is increased.

Created 19.03.2020 | Updated 19.03.2020