Visiting scholar Dr. Lena Weber at TCLS


Weber will work within the TCLS's Digital Society -project during Autumn 2022. 

Dr. Lena Weber is a Teamleader of CEWS at GESIS. The GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences is the largest German infrastructure institute for the social sciences. With basic research-based services and consulting covering all levels of the scientific process, GESIS supports researchers in the social sciences. 

Before she had an interim professorship in Sociology of Education, was part of the Wissenschaftskolleg "Data Society" and postdoc researcher in Sociology, at the Paderborn University.

She studied Social Sciences and Sociology with an focus on Gender and Media Studies at JLU Gießen, Bielefeld University and in Paris. Her research interests include e.g.:

  • Gender order and gender work pattern in academia
  • Gender politics at universities
  • Gendered segregation of work, espacially care work
  • Digitalised work, espacially in elderly care profession

Lena Weber's visit at TCLS is from 15th September to 15th December 2022. 

Created 26.09.2022 | Updated 26.09.2022