We are recruiting participants for a dietary intervention


We are looking for healthy adults to participate in an intervention investigating the impact of vegetarian protein-rich food products on the gut microbiome and human metabolism.

During the study periods, the participants will replace animal protein sources with commercial plant-based food products in two main meals per day. There will be three diet weeks in total. Between the diet weeks, the participants will have one rest week to go back to their own normal diet, which means that the whole study lasts for ca. 5 weeks in total.

The study includes 6-7 visits to the research laboratory. During these visits, faecal, urine, saliva, and blood samples will be collected. In addition, the participants will fill in questionnaires related with eating habits and well-being. Each study visit will take maximum one hour. The visits will be organized on working days in the morning. The test products will be provided free of charge.

You might be eligible for the study if you are

  • above 18 and below 65 years old
  • healthy
  • normal-weight, or slightly overweight (BMI 18.5-27)
  • not following gluten-free or vegan diet or not taking regular medication
  • not pregnant or breast feeding
  • not a smoker

Interested? Please contact our research team for more information:

tel. +358504627287

Created 16.02.2023 | Updated 16.02.2023