WEBINAR RECORDING: Global Goodness - Discussions on Global Business Ethics: How to implement global change?


Global Goodness 9.11.2021

We need to bring about global sustainability changes quickly. What would be the most effective ways to change the actions of states, businesses, and individuals? Today, we reflect on the opportunities offered by professional communication, nudging, and regulation, especially international law.

What kind of opportunities do communication professionals have to promote sustainable development?
How can nudging be applied to fighting climate change, for example?
Can international legal institutions contribute to the realization of sustainable development in the world?
And what is the role of global ethics in these contexts?

Philosopher, Professor of Practice at Turku School of Economics Maija-Riitta Ollila discussed the topics with leading specialists in their fields:

  • PhD Elina Melgin is CEO of ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communications Professionals since 2005. She is also Docent, Faculty of Social Sciences (History of Political Communication) at the University of Turku. Melgin is a founding member of VEN, Communication Ethics Council (Finland).
  • Professor Paula Salo from the Department of Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology, University of Turku, is currently leading a large research consortium funded by the Strategic Research Council. The main aims of the consortium include using behavioral sciences for steering communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in commuting and optimize carbon storage in forestry. Salo has long experience in teaching and research, including epidemiological and experimental research in psychology, psychosocial factors, and public health. She has also been active in the national network of psychology departments in Finland, Psykonet, and acted as its’ longest-standing leader.
  • Professor Outi Korhonen, MSc, LL.M, Lic.Phil, SJD, obtained her doctorate at Harvard Law School. Her main area of expertise is international law. Korhonen has worked in academia and in government; she serves as core faculty in the Institute of Global Law and Policy (Harvard Law School) and as a member on a number of editorial boards of academic journal/yearbooks. Her current research projects include international law and technology from a critical theory perspective, governance of blockchain society and other emerging technologies.
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