Welcome Fair Kicked off Semester for International Students


The Natura and Agora buildings were busy with the international students’ welcome event on Friday, 30 August at 11am–1pm. The students were introduced to the services the University and the City of Turku have to offer and different student organisations were presented.

Kansainvälisiä opiskelijoita Welcome Fair -tapahtumassa

Last week was a hectic time for the new international students of the University, as they participated in orientations and took care of practical matters. The culmination of the week was the Welcome Fair organised on Friday.

Every year, students from almost 100 different countries study at the University of Turku. There are 1,500 international students among the 20,000 students of the University. Internationality is a key element in all of the University’s operations.

Kansainvälisiä opiskelijoita

Students have various reasons to come study in Finland and at the University of Turku. Among the reasons, Yuhan Lin from Taiwan, Anna from Spain, Chihwei Huang from Taiwan, Heloise from France, and Raul from Spain listed e.g. the culture of the Nordic countries, sustainability of the societies and the good reputation of the Finnish education.

– I came here because Finland has been chosen as the happiest country in the world. I study psychology, so I was intrigued by that, tells Yuhan Lin.

Atif Ali

Atif Ali from Pakistan has lived in Finland for 10 years already, but he is a new student at the University of Turku. He already has a degree from the University of Eastern Finland, and he applied for the University of Turku because he wanted to add to his expertise.

– The study of new materials in materials chemistry here at the University of Turku is very famous, he explains.


Sarah ja Christina

Sarah and Christina from Germany came to study in Finland because they had heard a lot about the quality of the Finnish universities as well as the beautiful nature.

– We’ve heard that the universities here have a high standard and that people can speak English very well, they summarise.

The event was organised by the International Office of the University.

Lotta Junnila

Created 03.09.2019 | Updated 03.09.2019