Yellow Light Stage of University’s Traffic Light Model for Coronavirus Situation in Force – Contact Teaching Organised as Much as Possible in Autumn


The traffic light model for the coronavirus situation defines the level of safety measures at the University of Turku. At the moment, the University is on the yellow light stage of the coronavirus traffic light model on all its campuses.

The coronavirus management team of the University of Turku has decided that the worsened coronavirus epidemic requires transfer from the green light stage to the yellow light stage on the University’s Turku, Rauma and Pori campuses. At the same time, the coronavirus management team checked the contents of the University’s the coronavirus traffic light model for the coronavirus situation and renewed especially the sections related to contact teaching, remote work, and restrictions on the number of people.

Unnecessary close contacts must be avoided and face masks are always used in the University’s facilities, unless the person is alone in the space.

– Everyone is responsible for observing the safety measures. Contact teaching and the use of joint facilities is possible only if we succeed in following the safety measures, the purpose of which is to prevent transmission chains at the University. By acting responsibly together, we can minimise the risk of infections, says Rector Jukka Kola.

Organising contact teaching now requires that the teaching staff and the administrative and support personnel whose work tasks involve assisting students and personnel also work on campus. Otherwise on the yellow light stage, the University personnel works remotely if it is possible for their work tasks and when together assessed with the supervisor.

The maximum number of people in individual indoor spaces and events organised indoors is 50. In events organised outdoors, the maximum number of participants and the safety measures are determined according to the authorities’ instructions.

Meetings are held mainly remotely. Organising meetings in person with the immediate work community is possible when observing the maximum number of participants in accordance with the traffic light stage that is currently in force. In the meetings organised in person with the immediate work community, the personnel must also have the option to participate remotely.

Autumn’s Theme Is Restoring Physical Communality

The University returns to contact teaching for all students starting from the first period of the academic year while observing the restriction on the maximum number of people which is in force at the time. Teaching can be arranged so that there is a maximum of 50 people in one space. Also the small teaching facilities will be in full use. The theme of the autumn is restoring students’ social contacts and safe physical communality.

In addition to other teaching, an orientation period will be organised for all first and second year students, including international students, at the very beginning of the autumn semester.

In the autumn, the faculties offer all students as much teaching as possible on campus. Internships, laboratory work, and exams as well as teaching in arts and skills education are organised on campus, as has been done so far.

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Created 11.08.2021 | Updated 09.09.2021