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Doctoral Student, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)
Project Specialist at FFRC
sustainable urban development, futures studies, cities, transformation, nature, systems thinking, ecosystem services

Areas of expertise

futures studies
sustainable urban development
resource efficiency in planning
urban systems,


ANA JONES is a PhD candidate, project researcher, urban planner, and communicator at the Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) in the University of Turku, where since 2017, Ana has been conducting interdisciplinary research applying futures-oriented methods to the study and understanding of urban phenomena and change. For the past 16 years, Ana has focused on sustainable development and on the future of life in urban areas. In Finland, Ana has led the urban research project Green-In Turku collaborating with the city planning department of Turku on the potential in green areas to solve urban liveability and cohesion challenges of Turku’s historic core.  Ana’s research findings were instrumental for city planners to explore alternative pathways beyond standard practices. Previously, Ana has collaborated with the Hamburg Ministry of Environment and Energy providing research on global perspectives for the development of the first in Germany, Green Roof Strategy.  She is an active contributor to the Urban Futures Podcast, a knowledge exchange platform Ana pioneered to debate on the future and transformation of life in cities. Ana is an associate member of the Finnish Association for the Club of Rome (FICOR). Her most recent publication is Andersson, S. L. et al., 2021. Green Visions: Greenspace Planniing and Design for Nordic Cities. Sweden: Arvinius + Orfeus.


Urban futures research focused on the study of phenomena and the characteristic and dynamic prompting changes in state and emergence of diverse landscapes. 


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