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Doctoral Student, Molecular Plant Biology

Areas of expertise

cyanobacterial bioenergetics
biophysics of photosynthesis


I graduated in 2016 from the University of Szeged, Hungary with an excellent grade in the Molecular-, Immun- and Microbiology programme. During my studies, I conducted research in the Biological Research Centre Szeged, in the Laboratory of Molecular Stress an Photobiology. With the results of my Master's thesis, I won the first prize Prize on the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations in Hungary, in 2016.

Currently, I am working on my PhD degree at the University of Turku, Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Plant Biology unit, in the Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences. 


My PhD project explores a new, potential condition for microalgae bioindustry: photomixotrophy. It evaluates the applicability of this condition and creates novel knowledge about the underlying bioenergetics processes. Although photosynthesis is well described in microalgae, their bioenergetics is obscure under photomixotrophic condition. The project sheds light on these obscurities, using Syenchocystis PCC 6803, a cyanobacterial model organism.


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