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Doctoral Candidate, Speech and Language Pathology
FM, laillistettu puheterapeutti


Areas of expertise

assessment and rehabilitation planning in pediatric neurology
language development in children
pediatric feeding disorders


I got my Master's degree at the University of Turku in December 2018, after which I began working as a speech-language pathologist in Pediatric neurology outpatient clinic of Satasairaala in January 2019. Being the only speech pathologist of the unit, I soon learned to co-operate with OTs, PTs, NTs, nurses and psychologists for diagnostical assessment. The time I spent in Satasairaala woke up my interest in pediatric feeding disorders which combine social aspects to sensory-motor side of eating.

Working as a clinician sparked my interest in research. In January 2021 I returned to University of Turku as a PhD candidate. In my doctoral research I look into the factors behind typical language development and create a statistical model to help predict DLD outcomes.


In the autumn semester 2022, I will be teaching in the course "Kieli ja elämänkaari 1" that focuses on language acquisition.


I am currently doing my PhD in the FinnBrain Birth Cohort study. My research focuses on developmental language trajectories.


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